Hire local Taskees (Freelancers) for any job.

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About Tasked

What is TaskedApp?

Taskedapp is a social crowdsourcing app where businesses and individuals (Assignors) post jobs for a price within their budget, that freelancers (Taskees) can accept and complete.

Who can use the app?

TaskedApp is free for download and anyone can sign up to make use of the app.
If you or your business need(s) help with tasks or if you want to make extra money-TaskedApp is for you.

What are the benefits?

Assignors: Get help with any task/job. You prescribe the price. Spend time doing what is important.
Taskees: Make extra money by doing what you enjoy. Build a good reputation by completing tasks.

Where can I get the app?

TaskedApp is currently available for Beta testing.
The app will be available for download in 2020.
Stay tuned.

How it works

It is easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

  1. Assignor posts the Task.
  2. Taskee shows interest in doing the task.
  3. Assignor chooses most preferred Taskee.
  4. Taskee completes task.
  5. Assignor reviews Taskee when job is done.
Get things done; from household chores, ordering groceries, catching a ride to town or sharing a drink with someone at a local pub!
Download TaskedApp as a convenient way to keep track of ongoing tasks and to post new ones.

Call for Freelancers

We're looking for freelancers! If you are keen on making money by doing what you enjoy, join the Family!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The app is currently available to a closed group of Beta Testers, the app will be available to the public in 2020.

  • Any post that involves tasking someone and that meets the requirements of the terms and conditions can be posted on the app.

  • Assignors make payment on the app when they post a task. A taskee will receive payment 7 days after they have completed the task. If taskee chooses to receive the money earlier than 7 days, they will have to pay for the charges of the payment method they choose.

  • Assignors do not get charged for posting tasks on the app. Tasked will charge Taskees 10% commission from every amount they receive.


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